We are proud that the company coffee roaster first UTZ certified in Vietnam. 
Customers can rely on the production date on the packaging to conduct traceability at: 
UTZ Certified is a non-government organization, non-profit, operating on a global scale in the production of certified agricultural products good, responsible, food safety, environmental sustainability and society. Currently, only UTZ certified coffee, cocoa, tea and palm oil. UTZ Certified's mission is to create a world where sustainable agricultural development is the first priority. 
Special point of UTZ Certified is traceable origin. Through the strict principles of her, UTZ Certified certification is performed and checked at all stages throughout the supply chain: from the stage of cultivation, processing, transportation, storage, packaging, consumption used, to ensure traceability capabilities. UTZ Certified's central focus on the following main points: 
- Good Agricultural Practice in the field, press the security elements of sustainable farming
- To strictly control the use of fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, additives in cultivation and production 
- Improved farm management for farmers 
- Require strict environmental protection 
- Ensure that the requirements of social and labor rights 
The inspection, monitoring is performed rigorous testing by an intermediary organization that approved UTZ Certified. Inspection process is done annually, the organization must ensure strict adherence to the rules, if not cut certified. 
Cu Bao Coffee Company is proud to be the first company in Vietnam UTZ certified at the stage of roasting, grinding, packaging, transportation (besides ensure materials meet the standards of UTZ). Today, coffee is not only good taste issues, quality and price, consumers increasingly demanding coffee they drink to be growing, roasting, grinding, ... a responsible manner. 
Products of Cu Bao Coffee is UTZ certification ensures that stitch roast, do not use any chemicals, additives and impurities, ensuring holds incense, and the natural color of pure coffee. With UTZ Certified, through the ability to trace the source, holding Cu Bao Coffee box, you will be able to check out the origin of coffee to know that you are taking coffee origin specific where plant and manufacturing process was carried out specifically how. 
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