Thời gian hoàn vốn nhượng quyền mô hinh quán VUI COFFEE là 3-5 tháng

Khởi nghiệp cùng VUI, với mô hình kinh doanh quán cà phê 4.1. Đây là gói nhượng quyền phù hợp với những Anh/Chị có vốn đầu tư 150-200tr đồng. Anh/Chị có thể tự do làm chủ một quán cà phê.

Vốn đầu tư 150tr, thời gian hoàn vốn 2-3 tháng, tỷ suất sinh lời 28-32%. Phân khúc khách hàng từ 18-65 tuổi, vị trí quán tại các khu trung tâm, khu dân cư đông đúc. Diện tích tối thiểu 30m2, mặt tiền trên 5m. Giá bán trung bình 18-25 nghìn. Menu 20 món chính + 5 món đặc biệt.

Tiêu chí

The coffee as a life style

Therefore, a caffeinated drink is best consumed before exercise. And many athletes do just that. Indeed, there is such a term as “coffee addiction”, they talk about it like about nicotine, but of course it brings much less harm. If coffee is regularly loaded before training, then during the period of refusal of caffeine, a significant decrease in motivation and endurance during training can be observed.

But there are also arguments in favor of drinking coffee after a workout: caffeine accelerates the removal of lactic acid from the body, and it is known to be the cause of muscle pain after intense training.

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Gives energy
  • Makes you more active
  • Relieves fatigue

Everyone knows that coffee is an awakening drink. It gives energy, energizes, makes you be more active, what else is needed before the upcoming workout. But here you need to be aware of the effect of coffee on the human body during sports: is it useful or not. Let’s start with the benefits of drinking coffee before training.

Things you didn’t know about coffee

From the above, we can conclude: if you had a hard and exhausting workout, then after it, you can drink a cup of coffee to relieve fatigue and feel a surge of strength. And if an athlete has low blood pressure, then a cup of coffee will allow him to normalize his body parameters and thereby avoid headaches that often occur against the background of body fatigue.

Important to know, that excessive consumption of coffee can lead to side effects. For example: trembling, palpitations and even sleep disorders. If you observe such effects without training, it is better to refrain from coffee.

Drinking coffee during sports

We hope that this knowledge will help you find the answer to questions about drinking coffee during sports. At a minimum, if you have good health and no illnesses, then you can enjoy your favorite drink both before and after training.

The finally conclusion is that the coffee has a dehydrating effect on the body, so it is water that is the best option for saturating water after a workout. Coffee boosts your metabolic rate so you burn more calories, and this can help your body burn fat rather than glucose for energy. Coffee also regulates blood sugar levels and helps improve insulin sensitivity.

In addition, more recently, physiologists in the course of research have identified new opportunities for coffee drinks. It turns out that with the help of coffee you can develop muscle mass. Taking a small dose of caffeine can increase your workout by up to 44% and can reduce fatigue. The researchers also found that caffeine is extremely effective in the fight against muscle pain. Moreover, this alkaloid inhibits the possible development of heart disease and cancerous tumors.