Weasel coffee - the most expensive drinks in the world, by legend and a very special flavor. Depending every time and mood, ... of people enjoy, will have a different feel

People often hear the Weasel coffee. However, the number of people drinking - Weasel coffee- actually very few. Because, now there are too many sellers Weasel coffee - it's coffee "flavor" Weasel. On the market, there are a lot of products, with a variety of prices - between the real and fake confused ... where users do not know is true Weasel coffee and not dare to enjoy. And then, Weasel coffee - just to tell each other

We - not sophisticated, not hype, not polished. We reconstruct the product - authentic Weasel Coffee - by nurturing Weasels in ideal natural conditions. Coffee is one of the favorite dishes, but not always catch them eating, ... all conveniently according to their natural characteristics. To create a product, we spend a lot of time and phases.

One product - real weasel coffee - a special product - gourmet coffee

Special gift - From weasel coffee farm of CuBao Coffee - in the area of Lam Dong - Viet Nam (near the Nam Cat Tien forest).

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Product Description

- Taste: A strange feeling, pangolin. The bitter taste of weasel coffee very calm, pleasant, unlike any bitter taste of other coffees. Gentle bitterness mingles with ethereal sweetness, creating a sweet aftertaste, subtle attachment

- Usage: filter coffee or espresso coffee - drink unsweetened (or very little sugar).

- Composition: 100% Coffee Rubusta - passing gastrointestinal tract of weasel and cleaned - then are roasted using special methods

- Material from: Our farm in Lam Dong - Viet Nam (near the Nam Cat Tien forest)

- Packing: Box containing 102g Weasel Robusta Coffee, unique beautiful box, very suitable for the case of customer purchases as gifts.

- Expiry: 01 years.

- Delivery: Free at Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces

- Office: 58 Giai Phong Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Viet Nam - Email:

- Hotline: Ms.Yen: +849 0707 8484 - Mr.Long: +84 908 36 46 88

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