FAQs about Cu Bao Coffee

Our company regularly receives questions and inquiries from customers about problems agents. We would like to set some common questions to answer somewhat questions. Customers can contact us for further inquiries of his concerns. 
Question 1: Name brand Cu Bao Coffee mean? 
Right from the inception, Residential Covered Coffee Company obtained the materials from UTZ standards Cu Bao, of Buon Ho town, Dak Lak Province, 16km from Buon Me Thuot. How is the transcriptions Residential Name of the business from word of ethnic HOW CU. This is also the home of one of the founders of this brand! 
Question 2: How Coffee Sale UTZ standards mean? 
Residential Covered Coffee Company UTZ standards, ensuring clean raw material under the strict accreditation standards of UTZ organization, and is the first enterprise in Vietnam UTZ standards at the stage of roasting, grinding ensure do not use any chemicals, additives and impurities while maintaining flavor, color and the nature of pure coffee, ensuring the health of consumers. See more here 
Question 3: The coffee varieties? 
There are many varieties of coffee, but only 2 of Arabica and Robusta group is. The coffee exchanges in the world mainly deals 2 coffees. Arabica coffee is only half the caffeine of Robusta but usually twice the price. Arabica long grain, big, gentle aroma, taste sour and very popular in the West. While Robusta coffee granules and rounded, warm aroma, intense bitter taste, tasty, grown primarily in our country and it's this kind of consistent with the Vietnamese taste, and is used primarily in the production of instant coffee . 
Question 4: Coffee dirt and receive special way? 
Many people think its very stylish coffee. According to that delicious cup of coffee: 
- Color to black, as black as possible 
- Have a strong scent, passionate 
- The bitter right, as bitter as possible, taking it to sip, savor, to enjoy all the bad taste of it 
- Water must be very comparable coffee, viscous rock to cling to, to spoon 
If you've been drinking a cup of coffee the same or nearly so, the first 100% water you drink is coffee mixed, dirty coffee. More dangerous substances are mixed in extremely hazardous substances. Specifically, it is the main flavoring to create a fragrance; roasted corn, roasted soybeans to make the thickness of black fire; to create the color black; ... these are cancer causing agents. 
Because of that demand that discerning manufacturers have launched products haphazard doping rules in order to satisfy the market demand and supply. This is the dirty coffee is very harmful for health! 
Question 5: How to recognize pure coffee Residential Covered? 
Holding hands named after roasting coffee beans or ground coffee after grinding, or drink a cup of filter coffee. It's easy for you to realize that pure coffee brand Covered Sale 
Recognize when the coffee was roasted grains after: Many people think it is the coffee bean is surely pure? Not necessarily so, can produce a number of additives when roasted: coloring, butter, caramel, oil industry, ... The goal is to satisfy the needs of discerning coffee drinkers strange as threads described above. If you are holding a coffee beans pure Cu Covered, you will see that it is roasted rustic, not for any additives, after roasting touch will not find greasy and sticky, natural fragrance, gentle. Mixed beans, coffee dirty, after touching roast will see the oily, sticky, passionate fragrance (signs of butter, cooking oil, caramel, ...) 
Get to know the ground coffee into powder: With the weight of the volume of pure coffee powder is always greater than the volume of soy flour, popcorn. You took two bags of coffee have equal weight, one is pure coffee Residential Covered, a coffee doped haphazard, any bigger bag, rather than the coffee bloom Residential Covered. Residential Covered coffee powder is very light, porous, and to leave in the powder grains are often sticky, less to more. Residential Covered coffee powder brown, uniform in color, not dark like popcorn mixed powder, fire roasted soybeans. In addition, coffee powder scented Residential Covered very natural, gentle and subtle, pleasant scent that is different from the odor of full flavored and intense concentration of coffee as associated anonymously. 
Get to know the coffee is mixed and after phases: pure coffee powder with water boiling Covered Sale will bloom very large and effervescent, the other with coffee powder doped with the hatch not great, or even disappears, coffee grounds mixed with high viscosity. Natural coffee and clean the Residential Covered brown cockroach wings, when the ice on brown amber will have water only compare filtered water and a little more special, completely different kind of pasty coffee mixed in while keeping the natural scent, seductive, passionate, gentle and subtle. 
Question 6: What is Clean Coffee? It has different pure coffee? 
Including organic coffee to pure coffee does not contain additives affect human health that warrants first, plus coffee materials not contaminated pesticide content, impurities, ... Ca not necessarily pure coffee called coffee fresh for longer depend on the quality of inputs. 
Question 7: How Products coffee outside pure Cu is considered clean or not? 
How coffee products besides pure Cu, and ensure clean, because in addition to comply with TCVN 5251-90, coffee Primary Residential Covered achieved UTZ very strict standards, ensuring input source UTZ cleaning standards besides not roasting process chemicals, additives, contaminants. 4 We are committed not to their products: No mixed fillers - No artificial colors - No Additives - No Preservatives. 
Question 8: Ratio between Arabica and Robusta blend of style enjoy pure coffee? 
Depending on the brand, each pure cafe with different styles with different mixing ratio resulting coffee you drink will have different taste. If you like "gu West" increase the proportion of Arabica up you will have a cup of coffee scented sour stick. If you follow "gu Vietnam" increase the proportion of Robusta, you get 1 cup of aromatic coffee, tasty. Ratio between Arabica and Robusta blends were key to flavor and its own brand of coffee Residential Covered. 
Question 9: Guest unfamiliar pure drinking coffee? 
Many people are familiar with the taste of coffee should most difficult time accepting the taste of fresh coffee, pure coffee. Slowly, consumers are well aware that organic coffee roaster with pure 100% natural, safe delicious and healthy. Sellers also feel secure and at ease, so that the number of customers is increasing. If you are new, you can see a little bit difficult in the first; but if you were used to it you'll be hard to resist the allure of it. And then you will officially become citizens' coffee pot ". Drinking coffee is genuine must cherish it, quarter it and every drop, while sipping coffee at best, you will feel the taste of it. Let the coffee dissolves on the tongue and all sipping little by little till the last drop. 
Question 10: The price of raw coffee Residential Covered with no problems? 
Many people often ask: Why nature Sale Bao Nguyet coffee produced under strict standards of UTZ that a reasonable price? Simply because the coffee company is actively Residential Covered input source sustainable UTZ standards, combined with the technology of modern coffee roaster large capacity, plus management capabilities optimize business operations active at all stages to create the most competitive prices. We have a price support program specifically for taking frequent bar, this is the price support program specifically committed to quality coffee does not change with price. Depending on the number of monthly support specific price. Please contact directly to the office to meet the business department. 
Question 11: What makes coffee identity Residential Covered? Where to enjoy coffee Residential Covered? 
Unlike pure coffee brand focused on other development shops, coffee Residential Covered focus on quality and customer parallel to the main channel through 2: Chain Cafe brand Covered Sale and agent system using supply coffee for Residential Covered his own shop. 
To become a member of cafe chain brand Residential Packages, agents must commit to not mix anything into Residential Covered coffee. How to Coffee Sale you will be: 
- Enjoy coffee cozy coffee space is beautiful and delicate wood 
- Reasonable price: Coffee ice 10k / cup - cappuccino 12k / ly 
- Drinks other additional features of Residential Covered 
- Coffee, pure and clean with all its essence with responsibility for health consumers through production standards achieved UTZ 
You can view a list of strings Residential Covered Coffee shops here 
Question 12: What conditions need to become a member of the Cu Bao Coffee coffee brand? 
If you have existing business coffee shop or cafe, very simple for you to get sources provide pure coffee from us with reasonable and competitive prices. If you wish to open shops to become members of the Residential Covered Chain Cafe, just a lot of capital and a beautiful space, we will accompany you from start to finish.

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