Each place, each time, each mood of gourmets, we like to enjoys the different beautiful taste of the coffee cups.

  • Taste: depend on your favor (but we sure that the taste is very magical, that the gourmet will sartified with this coffee )
  • Incredient : 100% Cherry coffee beans is used by Weasle
  • Origin: Cherry  coffee beans is carefully selection from  Coffee Farm
  • Enjoy : Coffee machine or Coffee Chamber (should be used without sugar)
  • Processing: is processed from
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Product Description

Each our wild weasle coffee product, it is the gift from the natural for gourmets. This happiness come to us specially, and it will become double thing when we share to customers.

  • Packaging: luxury box-include:
    • ​02 coffee glass jars
    • 02 sample coffee jars , one is origin, and others is processed ( take out  skin) .
    • 01 coffee chamber with gold color
    • 01 nature coffee beans and leaf 
  • Weight of box: 820 gram
  • Net weight : wild weasle coffee 204 gram (total: 574 gram)
  • Packing of wild weasle coffee : powder or beans
  • Size of box: 21x32x9cm
  • Color of wild weasel coffee in cup: brownish color, clear water 
  • Harvest: collect from the Organic farm
  • Season: 2016
  • Date of using: 12 months for the manufacturing day
  • Delivery: free of shipping in Vietnam

* People often hear the Weasel coffee. However, the number of people drinking - Weasel coffee- actually very few. Because, now there are too many sellers of Weasel coffee - it's coffee "flavor" Weasel.

* On the market, there are a lot of products, with a variety of prices - between the real and fake confused ... where users do not know is true Weasel coffee and not dare to enjoy. And then, Weasel coffee - just to tell each other

*We - not sophisticated, not hype, not polished. We reconstruct the product - authentic Weasel Coffee - by nurturing Weasels in ideal natural conditions. Coffee is one of the favorite dishes, but not always catch them eating, ... all conveniently according to their natural characteristics. To create a product, we spend a lot of time and phases.

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