Awakening passion

We bring you products PASSION awakened on a coffee tastes inherently lost. Passion is the source of creativity and strength Awakening human potential within each of us. 
Orientation of sustainable development at the heart of all the activities, we have found similarities in the UTZ. By UTZ notoriously non-profit organization, operating on a global scale in the areas of training, certification and farming sustainable production: professional production, increase productivity, reduce costs, control closely the use of fertilizers, plant protection products, stringent environmental protection and ensure safety and welfare for coffee growers. 
With UTZ, sustainable coffee roaster is to ensure the traceability of products. Based on the production date, you can know your particular coffee is grown in use by anyone, from anywhere and production processes like. 
Now we are proud to be coffee roaster company was first UTZ Certified in Vietnam. We are committed to using products that do not add any chemicals, additives and contaminates, ensuring food safety and hygiene. The harmonious combination between passion and experience to create a traditional roasted products retain the natural flavor of the coffee. Fearless STRONG and when the market providing pure coffee line helps consumers safer for your health. 
Responding to the trust of customers in recent years, we have been and will try our best to keep our own identity. You will feel the condensed essence of each coffee bean, arouse passions seemed to fall asleep and you experience the peace and sustainability every day.

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